Monday, May 26, 2008

My Hong Kong & Macau Trip - The Before & Day 1

It has been a while since I went to HK & Macau last year. Well, I only started to write blog half a year after the trip, and couldn't find time to post a blog until now. This is kind of putting old stuff to blog, and yet the memories of the trip still fresh in my mind. As this was a week trip, definitely there were a lot to share and I will share it out...part by part.
This was a wonderful on ground trip of tens. We went to MATTA fair, searched AirAsia fare and finally, we decided to take AirAsia. We did a lot of studying and searching to utilize the time and save budgets. Well, I personally spent RM1.8k for the trip. Hmmm...a bit over budget for me.

Nov 3 2007,
I took AirAsia flight from Penang to KL and slept on a very uncomfortable chairs (ok, ok, I only occupied 3 chairs) of LCCT airport. I'm not alone! A lot people did spent a night in Airport.

Nov 4 2007,
Friends arrived. We took breakfast at McD first and wait till 0630 for check-in counter open.

Flight took off. Here we go! Macau we are coming!...Then fall asleep during the flight...

Excited! Flight has landed at Macau airport. Two things that everyone need to know when travel are...Please have your form filled completely, and then run or walk as quickly as possible, the registration counters always have a long queue. That's the thing I hate the most.
This is the airport's lobby. Clean! We were taking bus to Jetty(Terminal Maritimo) instead of cab as it was cheaper, MOP3.30 + MOP6 per luggage. There is a special space for luggage inside the bus. Cool!
Reach Jetty. Shoot! 1145 session to HK closed. Luckily it was 15 minutes per session. Well, we bought 12 noon TurboJet.
Reached HK Island(香港岛). Thought to have a lunch first, however it was wise to check-in luggages. Miscalculated. we have to spent more for MRT fare from HK Island to MongKok(旺角). If not, we can stop at Kowloon(九龙)instead.
we have spent almost half an hour to search for our dwelling place. We kept walk round and round the area based on address we have. Where is it "hide"? Fortunately, we met a good-hearted man guiding us to the exact place. What!It was a few steps away only and yet we can't find it. Shoot!
After saying "多谢" to the man, we felt meeting the good-hearted man at the first day of arriving in HK is a good sign that we going to have a wonderful trip this time!

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